We at INSTA aim to grow in market position only to become a solid brand in the floor coverings segment. Safety is our priority, so all our products are ISO approved. We strive for quality, hence excel in all departments and produce products that are above competition.

  • Fulfilling and exceeding customer expectations
  • Aim to build long-lasting customer relationships
  • Responding pro-actively to new market developments

Strive for Excellence

  • Excelling in everything we do
  • Constantly aspiring to improve products, processes, systems and organisation
  • Investing in innovation, technological expertise and operational efficiency

Focus on People

  • Appreciating the skills, enthusiasm and diversity of our people
  • Encouraging initiative, involvement and growth
  • We possess a team of virtuous people who are proud of their employer

Create added Value

  • A profitable company, growing in a sustainable way
  • Targeting value-generating synergies and optimal deployment of talents and resources
  • Creating added value for all stakeholders

Act with Integrity

  • Employing the highest ethical principles in our approach to business and decision-making in all areas
  • Representing honest, respectful management and leadership
  • We aspire to be recognised as a reliable business partner, employee and employer